Full Circle

I have already said this, but I love photographing seniors.  I think I have as much fun as they do as we work together to create an experience that showcases his/her own uniqueness and capturing both the more mature and fun sides of their personalities.  Recently, it occurred to me… many of this year’s seniors were just “my babies” …yesterday, right?  Prior to moving into my current full-time “day job,” I was a middle school principal.  Our 4th and 5th graders were our “babies”  and great efforts were taken to shelter them from the influences of our middle school adolescents too early.  Now, those babies are in front of my lens and they are all grown up!  I know I’m not getting old, so they must have skipped a few grades. 😉  I am so proud of the people they have become and enjoy every moment of capturing this special time in their lives.  As I watch my own “baby” who is just started 6th grade, and I heed the words of all the moms at these senior sessions… time passes way too fast!  Enjoy every moment and be sure to keep your camera handy.  Moments pass, and memories fade, but great pictures are forever!

Senior Class of 2013

Meet Dawson, one of “my babies” who is all grown up!  Be sure to become a fan of the KJ Bradley Photography facebook page to see more from Dawson’s senior sessions.

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