Woodland Beauties

God gave me two boys and I love them dearly.  But let’s face it, boys aren’t the best subjects for portraits in the flowers.  That is one reason I get all giddy when I have the chance to photograph girls!  This year, North Carolina experienced a late spring, and it arrived with beautiful, full blooming wisteria.  We found a vine covered tree begging for portraits and young Morgan enjoyed an afternoon of modeling.  Of course, friends make it more fun!  Don’t they look like charming wood fairies?!

Enchanted Woods Photos

This session also gave me the opportunity to experiment with editing styles.  My professional style is a constrasty, clean edit look, so ninety percent of my pictures reflect that.  In other words, my goal is for your image to look real.  I love my colors to be naturally saturated (not overly done).  I shoot in a format called RAW that captures maximum detail but looks very flat to the naked eye.  Because of that, I have to convert the images to a more compressed format (.jpg) before uploading your proof gallery.  The compression adds a natural contrast and a little depth. When you select your final images, I make final adjustments (usually adding more contrast and color depth), and retouch any blemishes or natural flaws in the picture.  Every once in a while I will convert to black and white, add a gentle texture (bottom left picture above) or increase the “haziness” (middle left), but in general the edit below is an example of my goal.

RAW vs JPEG edit


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