Good Sportsmanship Lives On

As a soccer mom with a camera, I am always on the sidelines cheering and snapping photos.  Actually, keeping the camera in front of my face helps to tone down my hyper yelling which makes my son happy.  Today, I was inspired by an act of good sportsmanship and thought it was worthy of sharing.  Our team (wearing the red uniforms) has not won a game all season.  Today, we were playing the bronze team and encountered #4 (pictured here).  I don’t know his name, but I am pretty sure he could beat us single footedly.  He is an awesome talent with amazing soccer skills.  Sometime during the game, #4 was slightly injured.  During the down time, his shoelace cam untied.  I looked up and saw this, our player tying number 4’s shoes.  It may not seem like a big deal, but in this era where a “win at all cost” attitude prevails in some leagues, it is great to know these young adolescents still know the value of kindness.  It really is more about how you play the game.  Special thanks to our coach, Victor Mascarenhas for encouraging our team and making good sportsmanship an essential part of our play.


Hot Shot Soccer, Rocky Mount, NC

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