NC State Fair 2016 Livestock Shows | KJ Bradley Photography

This year’s fair came on the heels of a devastating storm for our friends down east.  We were happy to see those that could make it to the Fair and missed those who couldn’t get there.  Our family was involved in relief efforts which left me with less time to

2015 NC State Fair is in the Books! | Livestock Photography by KJ Bradley

There is a saying that October is to photographers what April is to tax accountants.  I couldn’t agree more, but for this photographer, the reason is not just business.  It is the peak of livestock show season that occurs at the North Carolina State Fair each year. I can remember

Livestock Show Champion Senior Pictures | KJ Bradley Photography

We spend a good bit of time around 4-H livestock shows and the shows leading up to the NC State Fair.  Doing so has introduced us to many wonderful families and youth.  Sam is a winner in the ring and is an all-around great guy!  It was an honor to

The Winner – First Place Agricultural Photo, KJ Bradley Photography

By now many who follow my facebook page have seen this picture taken at the 2013 NC State Fair.  But what you may not know is that the photo won First Place honors for “Fair Agricultural Photo” at the recent International Association of Fairs and Exhibits (IAFE) annual conference held

2013 Eastern NC Livestock Show & Sale

I married a farm boy and as the mother of two 4-H’rs, I have come to look forward to the annual Eastern North Carolina Livestock Show and Sale for Edgecombe, Halifax, and Nash Counties.  Over the years, the event has become a tradition.  My boys enjoy the 4-H experience and

Summer Sunsets and Silhouettes

Now that the days are getting longer, we can all enjoy long afternoons and sunsets.  One of my favorite pictures to take at sunset is a silhouette.  They are actually quite easy to accomplish.   The first step is to find a “clean” source of light for your background.  

75th Annual 4H Meat Animal Show and Sale

Sometimes I play the role of a professional portrait photographer… seeking the perfect expression, composition, exposure, background, etc.  Sometimes I play the role of compulsive, snap-happy Mom with a camera.  This week, I was the latter.  My boys showed a Cloverbud goat and a lamb at the 4-H Livestock Show