Isn’t She Lovely

It was such a special day when this little princess came to vist the studio!  At 10 days old she was a cuddly sweetheart!  She was also very alert and awake!  She made me work for the sleepy pictures, but it was so worth it!  Don’t you think so?  Remember,

Newborns and Props… Oh So Cute!

Hello, my name is KJ and I am a propaholic!  Especially when it comes to newborns.  When I see a cute bowl, basket or hat, I just HAVE to add it to my prop collection.  That may be one reason 7-day-old Mr. J melted my heart.  When I arrived for

Christmas Cards

Several years ago, I was trying to get my boys to sit in front of the Christmas tree and smile for the traditional Christmas card picture.  I might as well have asked them to fly to the moon!  Out of frustration, I tossed a set of colored lights in their

Country Boys and Girls Gettin’ Down on the Farm

Can you keep a secret?  Because this is a big one! These country kids braved a very windy, chilly day to make these special picture for their grandma.  We are counting on her not being a big blog reader.  The forecast said mild and overcast but it was wrong!  That’s

Let it Snow!

This little snow globe template has gone viral among the facebook photographer world.  When I saw it, I knew exactly which picture to use. The original template The Sleeping Willow is a picture of the snow globe on a woodsy base with a green background.  I added two pictures I had taken

My Cotton Tops

I often get asked where all the pictures of my family are.  It’s true that you don’t see too much of them on my business facebook page.  There are a few reasons for that.  For one, my boys are not crazy about being photographed and they are less crazy about

Gone Fishin’

It wasn’t a typical photoshoot… but then again, when do I ever have a “typical” session?!  We’ve had horses, cows, dogs, a fox, and a family of deer join us for photos, but never a fish! This cute guy loves to fish so we decided a local pond would be

Ode to Sunflowers

After holding many fun sunflower mini-sessions this summer, I knew I needed to blog about them.  From the first sessions in June to the “Round 2” sessions of July, I was fortunate to meet many new families and enjoy the company of people I have photographed before as well.  I

Watch Me Grow ~ Baby’s First Year Portrait Plan

I just love creating unique baby portraits with hats, baskets, bowls and other unique props.  I have stocked up and have several to choose from for your baby’s session… owls, bears, soft flowers, etc.  I also have a variety of soft, simple backdrops that highlight the tenderness of newborns. Contact

Cute & Curly!

I met this little guy several months ago and he charmed me right away.  So you know I was excited to have the opportunity to photograph him again!  This time we headed out to a natural setting to capture his baby curls one more time.  He is one ball of