Because Moms Never Get to Be in Pictures

Have you ever noticed that Moms never get to be in the pictures? We are always behind the camera or behind the scenes.  But 20 years from now, our children will cherish pictures with Mom, and so will we.  That’s why I always try to get at least one picture with

He’s a Natural

This little guy was such a joy to photograph!  I thought he would be shy, but he is a natural model!  He made up his own poses and chose his own settings and did a great job of both!  We took him to a farm with old tractors and old

The Daffodil Farm

Spring is my favorite time of year because I can take gorgeous pictures like this one!  As it gets greener outside, the pictures just pop!  Of course, with a model like this sweetie the pictures are always pretty!

Just for For the Hunters

Many teen boys hate having pictures made.  I love being able to capture their personality in a setting where they feel right at home.  This young man did a great job and ended up with some wonderful pictures that he and his family will enjoy!

How to Do Disney ~ One Mom’s Tips

One thing I love about having a business page, is the chance to blog!  Here I plan to share tips on photography, momhood, and life in general.  Of course, special happenings and sneak peeks will be posted here and on the facebook page.  If you have any suggestions, please let