Tri County Horse Club Horse Show

I love to photograph people and their horses and have enjoyed doing so at the private homes and barns of many clients.   Horse lovers already know that each animal has its own personality which makes photographing them like adding another family member to the session.  Being married into a

Horsin’ Around ~ Equestrian Photography

How many kids ask for a pony for Christmas at least once?  I know I did.  I never received one… apparently they are too large for Santa’s sleigh.  Luckily a neighbor had a stable full and she was willing to let me ride often.  After going off to college, I

Miss B & Coco

Recently I had the awesome privilege of photographing this adorable little girl for her birthday celebration.  Because of her current interest in riding and showing horses, she will be having an equestrian-themed party.  The horse pictured with her, Coco, is truly a remarkable animal! With his trainer Brittany by his

Charleston… an odd look at beauty

On our recent trip to Charleston, there were times when my husband was tied up in meetings.  What did I do to occupy myself?  Why take pictures, of course!  A friend and I walked around beautiful Charleston and between the shops, I would pause and snap pictures of what must have