Ashley & Doniphan’s Happily Ever After

Have you ever wondered what happily ever after looks like?  Here it is!  I met Ashley 3 years ago.  I have been blessed to photograph her and her daughter Meg several times since through life’s ups, downs and puppies.  When she told me she was getting married, I was thrilled

Dressing the Family for Perfect Portraits | KJ Bradley Photography

Whether your family gets an updated portrait every season or once every few years, you want to look your best.  A big part of creating a portrait that looks great on your walls is coordinating your clothing.  As your photographer, I would love to consult with you about your choices.

International Photographic Competition – A First Timer’s Perspective

For the last few days, the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) has been hosting the highest print competition, the International Photographic Competition (IPC).  Photographers across the world have been clinging to their cell phones for the telling texts that are the first notification the fate of each image submitted as

Newborn Portrait Session with Four Generations

I have known this mom for a long time.  She could probably tell you stories about my crazy teaching style as she once was a student in my high school chemistry class.  I am so proud to know her and to be able to see the strong Christian mom she

A Snow Day in the South

One of my favorite things about living in North Carolina is the weather.  We get to experience every season without extremes.  Winter can be cold for a few days and then we have mild temperatures again.  A dusting of snow can send us southerners running to the grocery store for

She Melts My Heart

She’s like a sleeping doll baby when she needs to be when it is time for a picture with her mommy, she smiled!  Sessions like this melt my heart!   Below are the sources for the baby’s accessories. Lace leggings –  Heartstring Things Pearl Bracelet – Kaylee Marie Boutique Lace &

Happy, Happy, Happy Family

I often say, happy people make pretty pictures.  This family proves me right.  They were fun to be around.  I think it is because they like each other.  While I did have to break out in a round of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift once or twice (be glad you

Sibling Love

I have had the opportunity to photograph beautiful Emma in the past so when I found out she was having a little brother, I was excited to be able to photograph him, too.  This is a wonderful family full of love.  It is clear that my silly Emma is bonkers

Nashville Farm Family

This family was a delight to meet and photograph.  I have worked with the mom/grandmother for several years and have heard many great things about her daughter’s family and their adventures in Colorado.  Finally having the chance to spend time with them on their wonderful farm was a blessing.  The

Can You Make A Silly Face?

This sweet five year old and her gorgeous mom had a silly fun time at our photo session and you can see it in their smiles.  I learned all kinds of thing about the little princess’s friends and hobbies.  I know she is a princess because she made it through