Three Generations of Fire Service

When I was  a little girl, I can remember hearing the rotary dial telephone’s shrill ring interrupt dinner at my grandparent’s home.  It was a different kind of ring from a regular call.  It was a very persistent ring.  My grandfather or uncle would rise to answer and everyone would


It is always a pleasure to help families capture moments in time, but this session was special because it spanned 3 generations.  You couldn’t help but feel the love this family has for each other.  My goal was to capture both formal poses and informal poses that show the connections.

First Comes Love…

I was recently blessed beyond measure to be part of a special announcement.  Sara called me to tell me a secret.  She and Matthew are expecting their first child!  They wanted to announce the pregnancy to their families in a creative way, so we set up a quick photo session

Family Time

I love it when families return for photos every year.  It is a great way to capture your family’s story.  Whether you need a large wall canvas or smaller gift prints for the extended family and friends, consider an annual family photo session.

Summer Sunsets and Silhouettes

Now that the days are getting longer, we can all enjoy long afternoons and sunsets.  One of my favorite pictures to take at sunset is a silhouette.  They are actually quite easy to accomplish.   The first step is to find a “clean” source of light for your background.  

Horsin’ Around ~ Equestrian Photography

How many kids ask for a pony for Christmas at least once?  I know I did.  I never received one… apparently they are too large for Santa’s sleigh.  Luckily a neighbor had a stable full and she was willing to let me ride often.  After going off to college, I

I Hope You Dance

Have you ever heard the song “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womak?  When I was pregnant with my first child, I sang it to him every night.  I think it perfectly conveys a mother’s wish for her children… a wish for a happy, healthy life full of love.

Touching Moments

Newborns are precious, all the time.  But sometimes the most precious moments come from the family interactions during a session.  Every mom remembers the raw emotions of having her first child, and it takes about 2 seconds for newborn baby girls to wrap their daddys around their tiny fingers.  I

A Picture of Grace & Courage

Today I had the privilege of photographing Teresa and her amazing family.  Teresa is the mother of 4 wonderful children, a wife, and a courageous fighter of leukemia.  She is also an inspiration.  In the midst of a challenge that would send many into darkness, Teresa is full of light,

Center of the Universe

I love it when I am able to capture what I consider to be the essence of a family’s personality.  This mom and dad clearly adore their little guy.