Country Boys and Girls Gettin’ Down on the Farm

Can you keep a secret?  Because this is a big one! These country kids braved a very windy, chilly day to make these special picture for their grandma.  We are counting on her not being a big blog reader.  The forecast said mild and overcast but it was wrong!  That’s

Sandy, Sunny, Sensational! How to Take Great Beach Portraits

When will you be gong back to the beach to take more pictures?  It seems like a simple question, so why was my initial thought… “never”!? Beach portraits are beautiful when they are done well, but they are TOUGH to take!  Most people think sunny skies and water make for


When is the last time you had a family portrait… I mean the WHOLE family?  It is a great way to document generations.  The Lewis family was lots of fun.  The grandparents have two sons who are married with five kids between them ranging in age from elementary to high

Shelter of a Family

Beach sessions are unpredictable so it is always good to have a backup plan.  This family traveled down for the beach session weekend which turned out to be one of the windiest days ever!  Luckily Fort Macon provided wonderful backdrops and protection from the elements.  And we did get some

Oh No You Don’t

The hardest pictures to take usually involve groups with children ages 2-4.  Children alone are easy peasy.  Put them in a group with siblings or their family and be ready to hustle!  This family’s two little boys are adorable, and completely different.  The little one was determined to be independent

We Had So Much Fun!

It is a great feeling to hear clients say they love their pictures when they see sneak peeks and preview galleries.  After all, creating portraits that bring joy to others is one reason I started this business.  However, the BEST feedback I get is regarding the experience of the photo

Ten Tips for a Great Photo Session

You’ve scheduled your session, now what?  How can you increase your chances of getting the perfect pictures?  The simple answer is rest and communicate with your photographer.  Below are 10 tips that will help you prepare for your session and get those perfect portraits. Communicate with the photographer before the

Because Moms Never Get to Be in Pictures

Have you ever noticed that Moms never get to be in the pictures? We are always behind the camera or behind the scenes.  But 20 years from now, our children will cherish pictures with Mom, and so will we.  That’s why I always try to get at least one picture with

How to Do Disney ~ One Mom’s Tips

One thing I love about having a business page, is the chance to blog!  Here I plan to share tips on photography, momhood, and life in general.  Of course, special happenings and sneak peeks will be posted here and on the facebook page.  If you have any suggestions, please let