Rainbow Newborn Baby Girl | KJ Bradley Photography

Kobie was one of my first newborns.  I called him “Mr. Smiley” because he was always grinning from ear to ear.  Now Kobie and his family welcome a sweet baby sister who is a blessing. I can’t wait to see her smiles as she grows into a beautiful young lady.

Preparing for your Newborn Session | KJ Bradley Photography

The line turned pink!  Your family will soon welcome a bundle of joy and life will suddenly start moving a light speed.  How will you capture these special moments? It is no surprise that my answer is through professional photography! When these precious moments pass, your photographs will help you

Newborn Dawson ~ 11 Days New | KJ Bradley Photography

This little one made his mama wait a little longer than her due date, but he was perfect!  It took him a little while to settle in but then he took a good long nap for his pictures.    

You’ve Come a Long Way Baby ~ First Year Baby Plan | KJ Bradley Photography

What a difference one year makes in the life of a new baby!  I met Huntington at her newborn session.  She came back every three months and you can really see the changes as her hair grew curls and her little teeth made their appearance!  It happened in the blink

Sweetness in a Small Package ~ Newborn Portrait Session

In this busy time of fall photographs I have fallen behind on blogging, but when sending out this order, I knew I needed to take time to post.  This sweetheart’s mommy bought her a special outfit for her session before she was born.  She also brought some family gifts and

International Photographic Competition – A First Timer’s Perspective

For the last few days, the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) has been hosting the highest print competition, the International Photographic Competition (IPC).  Photographers across the world have been clinging to their cell phones for the telling texts that are the first notification the fate of each image submitted as

Newborn Portrait Session with Four Generations

I have known this mom for a long time.  She could probably tell you stories about my crazy teaching style as she once was a student in my high school chemistry class.  I am so proud to know her and to be able to see the strong Christian mom she

Welcome to the Studio

For the past couple of years, I have been using our bonus room as a photography studio.  My youngest son lovingly told people “My mom pretends to be a photographer in my playroom.”  It really did feel that way with all the toys crowding the space, but I couldn’t bring

Two Little Blessings

Twice the joy, twice the love, twice the blessings from up above. It truly was a double blessing to meet, cuddle and photograph these twin boys.  At nine days old, they already know how to charm and they have distinctively different personalities.  I can just imagine them growing up together

She Melts My Heart

She’s like a sleeping doll baby when she needs to be when it is time for a picture with her mommy, she smiled!  Sessions like this melt my heart!   Below are the sources for the baby’s accessories. Lace leggings –  Heartstring Things Pearl Bracelet – Kaylee Marie Boutique Lace &