Sibling Love

I have had the opportunity to photograph beautiful Emma in the past so when I found out she was having a little brother, I was excited to be able to photograph him, too.  This is a wonderful family full of love.  It is clear that my silly Emma is bonkers

Sleepy Newborn… Well Not Really

Newborn sessions are always a fun challenge.  I get to cuddle the sweetest, tiniest, most precious babies to help them relax and sleep and I love every minute.  But most newborns, even those who are good sleepers, don’t sleep through a full newborn session.  It takes great patience, but most

Daddy’s Boy, Mama’s Joy

So have I mentioned how much I love my newborns?   They can be the most challenging and rewarding sessions of all.   After giving this sweetie’s new parents all the warnings about how most babies decide their photo session is the time to wake up,  this little guy slept “like a

The Sweetness of Newborn Sessions

Newborn sessions are some of the most challenging and rewarding portrait sessions.  Many times I get to share the first few days of a baby’s life with his new family.  I get to experience the sweetness of the bond between a first-time mother and her baby and the tenderness of

I Hope You Dance

Have you ever heard the song “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womak?  When I was pregnant with my first child, I sang it to him every night.  I think it perfectly conveys a mother’s wish for her children… a wish for a happy, healthy life full of love.

Touching Moments

Newborns are precious, all the time.  But sometimes the most precious moments come from the family interactions during a session.  Every mom remembers the raw emotions of having her first child, and it takes about 2 seconds for newborn baby girls to wrap their daddys around their tiny fingers.  I

Isn’t She Lovely

It was such a special day when this little princess came to vist the studio!  At 10 days old she was a cuddly sweetheart!  She was also very alert and awake!  She made me work for the sleepy pictures, but it was so worth it!  Don’t you think so?  Remember,

Newborns and Props… Oh So Cute!

Hello, my name is KJ and I am a propaholic!  Especially when it comes to newborns.  When I see a cute bowl, basket or hat, I just HAVE to add it to my prop collection.  That may be one reason 7-day-old Mr. J melted my heart.  When I arrived for

Watch Me Grow ~ Baby’s First Year Portrait Plan

I just love creating unique baby portraits with hats, baskets, bowls and other unique props.  I have stocked up and have several to choose from for your baby’s session… owls, bears, soft flowers, etc.  I also have a variety of soft, simple backdrops that highlight the tenderness of newborns. Contact

All Because Two People Fell in Love

I love photographing sleeping babies, and wide awake babies, and baby feet!  It’s a special time in the life of a family when a baby comes home, and I am privileged to be able to share in it.  Did you know the best time to photograph a newborn is between