2015 NC State Fair is in the Books! | Livestock Photography by KJ Bradley

There is a saying that October is to photographers what April is to tax accountants.  I couldn’t agree more, but for this photographer, the reason is not just business.  It is the peak of livestock show season that occurs at the North Carolina State Fair each year. I can remember

International Photographic Competition – A First Timer’s Perspective

For the last few days, the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) has been hosting the highest print competition, the International Photographic Competition (IPC).  Photographers across the world have been clinging to their cell phones for the telling texts that are the first notification the fate of each image submitted as

Class Auction Photo Projects

Thanks to Pinterest, a little creativity, supportive teachers, and awesome kids, we were able to create these auction items for our school this year. For the project above, each student gave me his/her favorite Bible verse.  We took individual photos with bright card stock and Photoshopped the rest. For this

Respect & Honor

Recently, my mom and I took my 12 year old and 9 year old sons to a Casting Crowns concert in Raleigh, NC.  The opening band for the Thrive tour is For King and Country.  Their exciting stage show and multitude of drums really caught the attention of my youngest

Welcome to the Studio

For the past couple of years, I have been using our bonus room as a photography studio.  My youngest son lovingly told people “My mom pretends to be a photographer in my playroom.”  It really did feel that way with all the toys crowding the space, but I couldn’t bring

52 Week Photo Challenge

I often get the question, how can take better pictures?  Of course, the obvious choices are classes, workshops, countless hours of reading blogs like this, etc.  But the number one way to take better pictures, is to take more pictures and take them often and with intention.  If you want

Photo Jewelry Sale

As many of you know, I proudly offer a line of quality photo jewelry by Kotori.  Beautiful necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. are a great way to capture a special memory! See the entire line here http://www.kjbradleyphoto.com/kjbradleyphotojewelry. Stock up now or get a special gift for Valentine’s Day with 10% off all

Notes from the Heart

Sometimes random thoughts run circles in my mind and I always think, I need to blog about that.  Here are a few things I would love for my clients to know. I am thankful and overwhelmed.  When I expanded my photography business to include portraits in 2012, I didn’t know

Meet the Photographer

Hi!  Many of you follow my blog and facebook page but have not met me so I decided to take a moment to introduce myself.  Here are a dozen useless facts about me:   I will save up Weight Watchers points for a week to be able to eat my

A Picture of Grace & Courage

Today I had the privilege of photographing Teresa and her amazing family.  Teresa is the mother of 4 wonderful children, a wife, and a courageous fighter of leukemia.  She is also an inspiration.  In the midst of a challenge that would send many into darkness, Teresa is full of light,