Just for Girls – Preparing for an Awesome Photography Session ~ KJ Bradley Photography

Let’s face it.  We girls require a little more maintenance that most boys.  That carries over to our photo sessions as well.  Whether you are scheduling your senior session, bridal session or setting up an important family session, take time to prepare for best results.  To get the most awesome images

International Photographic Competition – A First Timer’s Perspective

For the last few days, the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) has been hosting the highest print competition, the International Photographic Competition (IPC).  Photographers across the world have been clinging to their cell phones for the telling texts that are the first notification the fate of each image submitted as

Shooting the Supermoon

I read that this is the summer of the “supermoon.”   According to NASA, a supermoon occurs when a full moon appears at a time when the moon orbits closest to the earth.  The nearness makes the moon look bigger and brighter.  This summer the supermoon will appear several times

The Sports Splash Shot

Last fall,  I shared the following picture of my son kicking a wet soccer ball with a dark background.  We set it up one night just to see if it could be done.  Little did I know it would get me the “Cool Mom” award from my son! Of course

Outdoor Portrait on Black

Recently I noticed a post by Digital Photography School in my newsfeed explaining how you can created a low key portrait on a black background while outside in daylight.  I didn’t believe it was possible, so I had to try it myself.  Below are the results.  It’s not a perfect

See the Difference: Auto vs. Manual Mode

As I have worked on my photography skills over time, and upgraded my equipment, I get many compliments and well meaning comments about my gear.  One that always makes me chuckle is the question, “What kind of camera do you have? It takes great pictures.”  While I take it as

52 Week Photo Challenge

I often get the question, how can take better pictures?  Of course, the obvious choices are classes, workshops, countless hours of reading blogs like this, etc.  But the number one way to take better pictures, is to take more pictures and take them often and with intention.  If you want

A Guide to Crop Ratios and Photo Print Sizing

Why are my feet cut off in my print?  Why does this look more close up than the original?  Why is my 11×14 different from my 8×10? Remember the algebra you said you would never use?  Well, it’s back!.   When you print a photo, the part of your image

When Mr. Smiley Didn’t Want to Smile

I lovingly nicknamed one of my Watch Me Grow baby portrait planners “Mr. Smiley” because he is ALWAYS cheerful and happy.  He even smiled in his newborn session.  So when he showed up for his 12 month session and he was less than happy to see me, I was a

Clickin’ Chicks of Parkwood

Girls need girl time.  There is something cathartic about being around other women with similar interests and passions.  That is why the women of Parkwood Baptist Church created Girlfriends.  Girlfriends are small groups of women with common interests.  The Clickin’ Chicks group includes women who love taking pictures and have