Photography with Friends on the Farm

A beautiful Saturday morning, a sweet model, and girlfriends with cameras out on the farm…. what more could a photographer and teacher wish for? Helping others create better images is not part of my business plan, it is part of who I am.  Like photography, helping others to learn is

Summer Sunsets and Silhouettes

Now that the days are getting longer, we can all enjoy long afternoons and sunsets.  One of my favorite pictures to take at sunset is a silhouette.  They are actually quite easy to accomplish.   The first step is to find a “clean” source of light for your background.  

Smile, Baby!

Like most photographers, I have a bag of tricks to help bring out your personality at photo sessions.  But 3 month old babies were a challenge until I learned this neat trick from Karen Rubin at the PPNC convention.  At 3 months old, babies don’t have full vision development but they see

Shooting in the Sun – I CAN Be Done!

The number one question I get asked online and in photography workshops is “How can I take better pictures in the sun?”  The answer… reschedule those baseball games and family reunions to early morning or late afternoon so you can get softer light.  Just kidding. 🙂 When you have a

Which Camera Should I Buy?

One of the questions I am asked most often is “Which camera should I buy?”  The answer… it depends.  What is your budget?  What pictures do you want to take?  How much time will you spend learning how to use the camera?  Does size matter? The first thing you have

It’s All About the Light

I am often asked for suggestions on how to take better pictures, so I decided to blog some tips when I find good examples.  The most important factor for any photo is the light.  What is the source?  How much is available?  Where is the source?  The example below shows the importance of direction.

Sandy, Sunny, Sensational! How to Take Great Beach Portraits

When will you be gong back to the beach to take more pictures?  It seems like a simple question, so why was my initial thought… “never”!? Beach portraits are beautiful when they are done well, but they are TOUGH to take!  Most people think sunny skies and water make for

Special Effects ~ Fast as Lightning!

My style as a photographer is fairly traditional.  I love pictures that look crisp and vibrant, but represent the moment.  However, sometimes playing with special effects is fun, too.  If you only have you portrait made once per year or per five years, this might not be a great idea.