Firefighter, Outdoorsman, Hunter and All Around Awesome Senior | KJ Bradley Photography

It is hard to believe Travis is a senior!  When he was in the sixth grade, he modeled for some test shots as I was beginning my photography business.  He rocked the session then and he did it again this year!  Travis loves to be outdoors.  He wanted to capture

Livestock Show Champion Senior Pictures | KJ Bradley Photography

We spend a good bit of time around 4-H livestock shows and the shows leading up to the NC State Fair.  Doing so has introduced us to many wonderful families and youth.  Sam is a winner in the ring and is an all-around great guy!  It was an honor to

The Sports Splash Shot

Last fall,  I shared the following picture of my son kicking a wet soccer ball with a dark background.  We set it up one night just to see if it could be done.  Little did I know it would get me the “Cool Mom” award from my son! Of course

Sensational Senior

She spent most of this year on my side of the camera helping to carry gear and make sure the lighting was just right for many families and seniors.  Now it’s her turn to be the star and she does it with pizazz!  Stephanie is a sweet, beautiful girl and

See the Difference: Auto vs. Manual Mode

As I have worked on my photography skills over time, and upgraded my equipment, I get many compliments and well meaning comments about my gear.  One that always makes me chuckle is the question, “What kind of camera do you have? It takes great pictures.”  While I take it as

Class Auction Photo Projects

Thanks to Pinterest, a little creativity, supportive teachers, and awesome kids, we were able to create these auction items for our school this year. For the project above, each student gave me his/her favorite Bible verse.  We took individual photos with bright card stock and Photoshopped the rest. For this

Class of 2014 ~ Atlanta

Atlanta is just as humble as she is beautiful.  She could easily be a model for the Atlanta Braves or any great organization. For her senior photo session, she rocked many outfits and brought along her best friend Nevaeh, her black lab.  I think you can see the love they

Rest-A-Bit Sweetheart

I have taken pictures for this sweet girl’s family out on the Rest-A-Bit Farm, but this session was just for her.  As you can see, she rocked it!

Clickin’ Chicks of Parkwood

Girls need girl time.  There is something cathartic about being around other women with similar interests and passions.  That is why the women of Parkwood Baptist Church created Girlfriends.  Girlfriends are small groups of women with common interests.  The Clickin’ Chicks group includes women who love taking pictures and have

The Dancers

She said she wanted dance pictures.   She said she didn’t want the run of the mill portraits that the studio offered.  She said she wanted to capture her girls’ personalities instead of just their technical moves and costumes.  That was when I finally caved and agreed to step out