The Class of 2013 ~ What Makes a Senior Session Special

As the Seniors of the Class of 2013 head off to to start their greatest school year, there are so many emotions, both theirs and those of their loved ones.  Of course, happiness and excitement are the two I see most often from my side of the camera.  I have

The Dancers

Let’s face it.  I am a natural light portrait photographer.  I specialize in capturing people’s beauty, character and personality in photographs that will be special forever.  I understand aperture and shutter speed, but I don’t know too much about the technical aspects of pointe and hip hop dance.  Many photographers

Let’s Hear it for Those Teens!

I don’t know if it is my inner teen girl or my former life as a middle school principal coming out, but I LOVE photographing teens and pre-teens.  Anyone who remembers your middle and high school years probably remembers the times of being self-conscious… about everything!  I enjoy spending a

Because Moms Never Get to Be in Pictures

Have you ever noticed that Moms never get to be in the pictures? We are always behind the camera or behind the scenes.  But 20 years from now, our children will cherish pictures with Mom, and so will we.  That’s why I always try to get at least one picture with