Just for Girls – Preparing for an Awesome Photography Session ~ KJ Bradley Photography

Let’s face it.  We girls require a little more maintenance that most boys.  That carries over to our photo sessions as well.  Whether you are scheduling your senior session, bridal session or setting up an important family session, take time to prepare for best results.  To get the most awesome images

Dressing the Family for Perfect Portraits | KJ Bradley Photography

Whether your family gets an updated portrait every season or once every few years, you want to look your best.  A big part of creating a portrait that looks great on your walls is coordinating your clothing.  As your photographer, I would love to consult with you about your choices.

Ten Tips for a Great Photo Session

You’ve scheduled your session, now what?  How can you increase your chances of getting the perfect pictures?  The simple answer is rest and communicate with your photographer.  Below are 10 tips that will help you prepare for your session and get those perfect portraits. Communicate with the photographer before the