Charleston… an odd look at beauty

On our recent trip to Charleston, there were times when my husband was tied up in meetings.  What did I do to occupy myself?  Why take pictures, of course!  A friend and I walked around beautiful Charleston and between the shops, I would pause and snap pictures of what must have seemed like odd things to her.  I mean really, what could be so interesting about those stairs or that window?  I think that is just a weird trait about photographer types… we see light and patterns everywhere!  I find beauty in the oddest of things!  To add to the collection of potentially boring photos, I also added a few unusual editing techniques with my software.  Can you tell which photos are straight out of the camera with no/little editing and which ones have had post-processing actions applied? Some are obvious.


Charleston, SC horse

Others may not be even though the final result is very different from the original look. That is the mystery, the intrigue, and the potential danger of today’s editing software capability. While it can be used to enhance natural beauty, it can also alter the truth of the moment. Nonetheless, it is fun to play! I hope you enjoy my “odd” view of beauty, whether natural or created! Be sure to check out the Charleston gallery for the full collection.

Charleston, SC fence

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