Christmas Cards

Several years ago, I was trying to get my boys to sit in front of the Christmas tree and smile for the traditional Christmas card picture.  I might as well have asked them to fly to the moon!  Out of frustration, I tossed a set of colored lights in their lap and asked them to count the pink lights.  The resulting picture has been a favorite with my family and friends.

Christmas Lights

I probably should note that in addition to this being an accident it was taken with a point and shoot camera.  Come to think of it ALL of my Christmas card pictures have been taken with point and shoot cameras!  Not only that, but if I had realized that Christmas tree lights contain lead or considered the little one trying to eat them , I might have thought twice before tossing the lights over in the first place!  Nonetheless, the boys survived this and many other mom-of-the-year moments, and the pressure to create unique Christmas cards grew.  Just in case you find yourself in the same predicament, I decided to share a few others that we have done over the years.  Feel free to borrow and/or improve on any of the ideas you see, but do so with safety in mind (see safety information below)!

Christmas Card ideas


IMPORTANT:  Always put safety first!  It is not worth the risk of exposing kids to lead in electrical Christmas lights when there are alternatives like  lead-free, battery operated lights (  Glass bulbs and wires may also present choking or strangulation hazards.  For train track pictures, use Photoshop or another photo editing software to create a composite picture.  Don’t stand on the tracks.  Have a safe and Merry Christmas!

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