Daddy’s Boy, Mama’s Joy

So have I mentioned how much I love my newborns?   They can be the most challenging and rewarding sessions of all.   After giving this sweetie’s new parents all the warnings about how most babies decide their photo session is the time to wake up,  this little guy slept “like a baby.”   We were able to get images from several setups including a UNC fan shot (yes,  I can play nice with Tar Heel fans),  and some traditional newborn sweetness like the one posted here.   But my favorites are the ones that show a little glimpse of Mom & Dad’s personalities.   Dad has a passion for football.   Mom is in a field that requires a strong knowledge of science.   I wonder what the little fellow will grow up to be?


rocky_mt_nc_photographer_newborn_football (1)



rocky_mt_nc_photographer_newborn_football (3)

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