Elegant Wedding, Beautiful First Dance | Rocky Mount, NC

Elegant, meaningful, sophisticated, full of love… these words and phrases all describe Erin and Charlie’s beautiful wedding at First Presbyterian Church in Rocky Mount, NC.  From the trumpeter to the bagpipes and amazing pipe organ the music was amazing.  The reception at Benvenue Country Club was elegant and included meaningful and beautiful details.  Charlie and Erin met at a bookstore so the table of origami trees and books was perfect.  I am sure this couple will enjoy an amazing life together full of adventures.

KJ_Bradley_Photography_Wedding_dress_Rocky_Mount, NC

KJ_Bradley_Photography_Wedding_riings_Rocky_Mount KJ_Bradley_Photography_Weddings_Church_Rocky_Mount


KJ_Bradley_Photography_Weddings_Kiss_veil KJ_Bradley_Photography_Weddings_dance_Benvenue_country_club
KJ_Bradley_Photography_Weddings_origami_literature KJ_Bradley_Photography_Weddings_cakes_Rocky_Mt KJ_Bradley_Photography_Weddings_toast


Credit for the above image to Karri Byrum


All images © 2015 KJ Bradley Photography, Rocky Mount, NC

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