How to Do Disney ~ One Mom’s Tips

One thing I love about having a business page, is the chance to blog!  Here I plan to share tips on photography, momhood, and life in general.  Of course, special happenings and sneak peeks will be posted here and on the facebook page.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

So in considering my first blog post, I decided to start with the universal happy topic… Disney!  I am by no means an expert, but I am a planner!  We took a trip in 2010 and were able to see everything on our “must do” list in 4 days.  We spent our extra days at Sea World and revisiting our favorite park.  We were fortunate to have lots of friends who each gave a few tips so on the way home, I wrote up my tips for Disney.  They have been shared with many friends and family members who gave them a stamp of approval!    Keep in mind these are from 2010 so check to make sure they are still accurate for your trip.  And if you have great tips, add them in the comments.  We’ll be going back so I would love advice!

Click here to download the Disney Tips File

Disney Christmas card photo

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