It’s All About the Light

Natural Lighting TipsI am often asked for suggestions on how to take better pictures, so I decided to blog some tips when I find good examples.  The most important factor for any photo is the light.  What is the source?  How much is available?  Where is the source?  The example below shows the importance of direction.  Both of the first pictures are SOOC (straight out of the camera).  On the day of this session, the skies were very overcast which is great for pictures!

The clouds provide a natural filter and reduce harsh shadows.  However, with thick clouds it may seem that the direction of light is not important.  Not true.  In the first picture, the senior has her back to the sun.  You see her eyes are hidden in the shadows of her face.  By simply turning the chair, the face receives more natural light and the eyes are highlighted!  The darker, rich background helps too.  The third picture shows the final edit that would be prepared for printing.  As you can see, when the lighting and exposure is good, very little retouching is needed.  In this situation, we had flexibility with the background.  However, if it were important to take the picture with the pond in the background, you would just need to add light to the face.  I recommend a white reflector to increase the natural light when the sun is behind the model.  Off camera lighting can also be used with skill.  What tips do you have for achieving great lighting?  Stay tuned for more tips in future blog posts.   To follow tips on Pinterest click here.

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