Let it Snow!

This little snow globe template has gone viral among the facebook photographer world.  When I saw it, I knew exactly which picture to use.


The original template The Sleeping Willow is a picture of the snow globe on a woodsy base with a green background.  I added two pictures I had taken previously, one of Miss M taken in the fall and one of a tree I took during a winter snow.

How to make a snow globe

Then in Photoshop, I extracted Miss M and the tree using the lasso tool and added them to them to the template.  Now Miss M could not have her feet covered by fall leaves, so a little photoshop magic was in order to add snow.  If you are familiar with photoshop, I used the clone stamp tool.  But something was missing so I pulled out some snow from the Florabella overlay and viola!  It is snowing in the picture, too!  I can’t wait to see which of my clients might use this idea as a Christmas card this year!

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