Let’s Hear it for Those Teens!

I don’t know if it is my inner teen girl or my former life as a middle school principal coming out, but I LOVE photographing teens and pre-teens.  Anyone who remembers your middle and high school years probably remembers the times of being self-conscious… about everything!  I enjoy spending a couple of fun-filled hours with models of this age, teaching them how to pose, letting them tell me what they really like, and providing them with stunning portraits.  When they look good and get compliments, their confidence rises, and confident teens are amazing!

teen laughs

A fun trick I use with teen girls is letting them show me their best “attitude” shot.  They love taking on the role of the super model. Shortly after this pose, I can usually capture a beautiful laughter shot as we all enjoy the moment.  Moms love those!

teen boy


Don’t avoid professional portraits of your child during these precious years.  Instead, choose a photographer that knows how to relate and bring out their fun side.  Capture the unique time in a beautiful way.  These are the memories that will bring smiles to their faces for years to come.

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