My Cotton Tops

I often get asked where all the pictures of my family are.  It’s true that you don’t see too much of them on my business facebook page.  There are a few reasons for that.  For one, my boys are not crazy about being photographed and they are less crazy about having their photos on facebook.  I am sure some of you can relate to that!  Truly, being raised with a camera in your face can be a little tiring, I’m sure.  In addition, while my family is my life and my priority, when it comes to editing pictures, clients come first.   I sometimes find myself so busy keeping up with client sessions, I don’t have time to process pictures of my family to a level that I consider professional.  Those who are my personal friends on facebook may notice I post a few more unedited “snapshots” here and there.

Recently, I was able to bribe the boys into taking a few pictures in the cotton fields.  I wasn’t ready to trust client edits on a bumpy ten hour vacation drive, but I took a chance on my own.  So here are my cotton tops with their self-selected props!  The little one is learning guitar and the older one wanted a picture with his Bible.  The sign was my idea. 🙂   I promise you will see more of them this winter when things slow down.  I have LOTS more pictures of them waiting to make it out of the computer­­­.


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