New Beginnings

Those who know me well, know I have declined quite a few opportunities to photograph weddings since starting my business.  It took a very special lady to talk me into taking the job.  How could I resist the prettiest girl from our high school prom and one of the sweetest friends I know?  I simply couldn’t.  So I studied.  I practiced.  I tagged along with veteran photographers at weddings, and I stocked up on equipment and backup equipment.  I am so glad I did!

Rose Hill Wedding

The wedding was held at the beautiful Rose Hill Plantation in Nashville.  They join together two families into one with 6 kids.  Can you say “Brady Bunch!?”  I can’t remember a wedding with so much genuine love, happiness, and most remarkably of all, siblings that seem to love (even like) each other.  I know this family will have many wonderful days to come.  Thank you for letting me capture the memories from your new beginning!

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