Notes from the Heart

Sometimes random thoughts run circles in my mind and I always think, I need to blog about that.  Here are a few things I would love for my clients to know.

I am thankful and overwhelmed.  When I expanded my photography business to include portraits in 2012, I didn’t know if anyone would let me take their picture.  By  July, I was booked up through the remainder of the year and your support hasn’t wavered since.  I am truly blessed to have your trust.  But at times, trying to be the SuperPhotographerMomWorkerChristian is exhausting.  My e-mailbox beckons with messages I haven’t answered.  The clothes are piled up on the couch.  I haven’t gone to bed before midnight in a very long time.  I am working tirelessly to maintain a full-time “day job,” a home with two wonderful boys, a marriage, and to provide top notch customer service and products for you, but I am behind… on all of those goals.

I love what I do.  Even when I am tired or frustrated because I can’t catch up, meeting you at a photo session energizes me.  Snapping that first picture and seeing your eyes sparkle sends waves of happiness through my psyche.  Snuggling with a newborn and seeing the protection and love of his mom is priceless.  Watching a teenage boy or girl gain confidence as we discover his or her inner rock star brings joy to my heart. Every time.

I take this very seriously.  I have worked very hard to learn what I need to know to provide you with the best images possible.  I started learning from my dad when I was a child.  I have spent hours in workshops, in classes, at professional organization meetings, and with other photographers to improve my skills.  I am almost always working to improve some aspect of my photography.  I am proud of what I can do with a camera.  I want you to be proud of your images, too.  It bugs me when I see others who have not invested time learning how to manipulate light or the camera settings charging others for substandard work.  It bothers me more when I think people can’t see the difference.  It bothers me when people pick up a semi-professional camera for the first time and represent themselves as industry experts months later.  It shouldn’t.  But it does.

I am not getting rich on photography.  I am not even paying the bills with photography.  I have set my prices to be affordable for families like mine.  I don’t aspire to be the photographer of the rich and famous, I aspire to be the photographer for my friends, my family, and friends I have yet to meet.  If my friends happen to be rich and famous, I don’t charge them extra.  🙂  My prices barely cover the cost of the equipment I use.

Sometimes I mess up.  I am terribly flawed at many things.  Sometimes I check my e-mail and know I can’t respond adequately by my phone, so I wait to respond, then forget.  Sometimes I take on more than I can handle and your pictures are not ready when I would like for them to be.  Sometimes I get so excited about a picture, I forget to change the shutter speed or  shake with excitement and miss the moment altogether… but not often.  Sometimes I eat too much… but that is a different topic.

I do what I do to serve God.    It might sound corny, but the whole reason I started this business was to bring glory to God.  I want you to see yourself and your family as the beautiful people God created you to be.  I want to help families who have fallen on hard times and need a boost.  I want to share the gifts God has given me with others through images or by helping them achieve their own goals with photography.  Everything I am able to do is because of blessings I have received, and I want to return the blessings.

I appreciate you.  I know you have choices.  I know funds are limited and you need to spend them wisely.  I know you want to look your best and have memories of this time in your family’s life.  I know spending an hour or two in front of the camera is not everyone’s idea of a fun day.  Thank you for choosing me.  Thank you for bending your arms and sitting in that funny position when I ask you to and for allowing me to tell corny jokes.  Thank you for having patience with me.

I am still having fun.  I really am.  Sometimes I feel like it is time to shut down the business altogether because I know I am not able to keep up.  But I would miss all of you, your smiles, your eyes, your laughter, watching your reaction when you see how amazing you look in the back of my camera.  I can’t give that up.

 But I do have to slow down.  My boys need me.  They are growing up fast.  My oldest made the school soccer team this year and I don’t want to miss a minute of his joy.  My youngest has finally found a hobby and will be showing his 4-H animals this fall.  I want to see him direct a 200 pound pig around the show ring.  My husband needs me.  My students from my “day job” need me.  So if you contact me for a session, and I have to say “no,” please don’t think it is because I don’t want to photograph you or your family.  I do. I just can’t do it all.  So I will continue to keep a waiting list and I will gladly refer you to an experienced, trusted photographer when I can’t fit you in.  Please keep calling and messaging me for sessions, in advance if possible.  Just be patient.  And know that I am trying, unsuccessfully, to be SuperPhotographerMomWorkerChristian.


To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.  Ecclesiates 3:1



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    You are inspiring and I’m thankful I’ve met you.

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