Ode to Sunflowers

After holding many fun sunflower mini-sessions this summer, I knew I needed to blog about them.  From the first sessions in June to the “Round 2” sessions of July, I was fortunate to meet many new families and enjoy the company of people I have photographed before as well.  I made it a goal to do something a little different with each and every session so the photographs would not be yellow carbon copies.  There are only so many ways to add variety to a field of sunflowers, but I think each farmily was able to experience at least a few unique pictures custom made for their needs and personalities.  Be sure to check the facebook page to see more.  So which session should I feature on the blog?

Sunflower Mini Sessions

I decided the last shall be first!  I had photographed these two sisters before and was excited for a chance to meet them in the sunflowers.  As rain would have it, we had to schedule and reschedule, but we made it just in the nick of time.  The big sister is a natural model and is happy to pose and have fun.  However, the little sister was clear when she let me know I would NOT be taking HER picture!  Well as you can see, we worked it out.  Sometimes it just takes a little patience, a few tricks and grandma to get those smiles.  By the way, did you know that if you sit in my pink chair, you can turn into a princess?  That’s what I hear at least 🙂  Maybe the blue chair I have used in wheat fields in the past will be my prince charming chair and our little community will be filled with royalty!

The summer sunflowers have faded until next year, but there are many more opportunities for great pictures.  What mini sessions will be next?  Here are the ideas I am considering for 2012.  Let me know what YOU would like to see!

September:  Balloons in the Park Minis

October:  Harvest time on the Farm Minis

November:  Christmas Card Minis

Of course for a more relaxed session with a variety of poses and backgrounds, you can always schedule a full custom session.  For just $10 more, you get a full hour or more and lots of pictures!

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