Class of 2014 Senior Rep Search

Attention Class of 2014!  It’s your year and your time to shine!  I am looking for representatives from Nash and Edgecombe County high schools to represent The Class of 2014 and KJ Bradley Photography. Can You Represent?! To Qualify You Must: Be a current high school junior who will graduate

Which Camera Should I Buy?

One of the questions I am asked most often is “Which camera should I buy?”  The answer… it depends.  What is your budget?  What pictures do you want to take?  How much time will you spend learning how to use the camera?  Does size matter? The first thing you have

A Picture of Grace & Courage

Today I had the privilege of photographing Teresa and her amazing family.  Teresa is the mother of 4 wonderful children, a wife, and a courageous fighter of leukemia.  She is also an inspiration.  In the midst of a challenge that would send many into darkness, Teresa is full of light,

Newborns and Props… Oh So Cute!

Hello, my name is KJ and I am a propaholic!  Especially when it comes to newborns.  When I see a cute bowl, basket or hat, I just HAVE to add it to my prop collection.  That may be one reason 7-day-old Mr. J melted my heart.  When I arrived for

Wise Men Still Seek Him

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?  In our family, we have special ornaments that decorate our tree and elves that tell Santa  whether we are naughty or nice.  But the most important symbol in our home is our nativity.  It is displayed in our living room bookcase all year long,

Christmas Cards

Several years ago, I was trying to get my boys to sit in front of the Christmas tree and smile for the traditional Christmas card picture.  I might as well have asked them to fly to the moon!  Out of frustration, I tossed a set of colored lights in their

Center of the Universe

I love it when I am able to capture what I consider to be the essence of a family’s personality.  This mom and dad clearly adore their little guy.

Country Boys and Girls Gettin’ Down on the Farm

Can you keep a secret?  Because this is a big one! These country kids braved a very windy, chilly day to make these special picture for their grandma.  We are counting on her not being a big blog reader.  The forecast said mild and overcast but it was wrong!  That’s

Let it Snow!

This little snow globe template has gone viral among the facebook photographer world.  When I saw it, I knew exactly which picture to use. The original template The Sleeping Willow is a picture of the snow globe on a woodsy base with a green background.  I added two pictures I had taken

Thursday Tout! ~ Monogram Sew Cute

With the Christmas shopping season and Small Business Saturday approaching, a Thursday Tout! is in order.  This week’s spotlight is on Monogram Sew Cute.  If you haven’t visited this cute little shop, it is worth the trip.  Monogram Sew Cute is located on Highway 301 just south of Rocky Mount.