It’s All About the Light

I am often asked for suggestions on how to take better pictures, so I decided to blog some tips when I find good examples.  The most important factor for any photo is the light.  What is the source?  How much is available?  Where is the source?  The example below shows the importance of direction.

My Cotton Tops

I often get asked where all the pictures of my family are.  It’s true that you don’t see too much of them on my business facebook page.  There are a few reasons for that.  For one, my boys are not crazy about being photographed and they are less crazy about

Team Spirit Photos ~ Go Tigers!

Do you have a favorite team?  Coming from a passionate house divided with East Carolina University purple and gold (me) and NC State red and white (my husband), I can certainly understand team pride!  So when these girls said they wanted to include their Clemson Tigers traditions in their photo

Full Circle

I have already said this, but I love photographing seniors.  I think I have as much fun as they do as we work together to create an experience that showcases his/her own uniqueness and capturing both the more mature and fun sides of their personalities.  Recently, it occurred to me…

Photographer’s Prayer

I found this prayer online in several posts around the web.  I wish I knew the source to give credit, but I can’t find it.  However, I thought the sentiment was wonderful and very much what I desire for all my sessions and business.  If you are on Pinterest, you

Sandy, Sunny, Sensational! How to Take Great Beach Portraits

When will you be gong back to the beach to take more pictures?  It seems like a simple question, so why was my initial thought… “never”!? Beach portraits are beautiful when they are done well, but they are TOUGH to take!  Most people think sunny skies and water make for


When is the last time you had a family portrait… I mean the WHOLE family?  It is a great way to document generations.  The Lewis family was lots of fun.  The grandparents have two sons who are married with five kids between them ranging in age from elementary to high

New Beginnings

Those who know me well, know I have declined quite a few opportunities to photograph weddings since starting my business.  It took a very special lady to talk me into taking the job.  How could I resist the prettiest girl from our high school prom and one of the sweetest

Gone Fishin’

It wasn’t a typical photoshoot… but then again, when do I ever have a “typical” session?!  We’ve had horses, cows, dogs, a fox, and a family of deer join us for photos, but never a fish! This cute guy loves to fish so we decided a local pond would be

The Class of 2013 ~ What Makes a Senior Session Special

As the Seniors of the Class of 2013 head off to to start their greatest school year, there are so many emotions, both theirs and those of their loved ones.  Of course, happiness and excitement are the two I see most often from my side of the camera.  I have