Shooting the Supermoon

I read that this is the summer of the “supermoon.”   According to NASA, a supermoon occurs when a full moon appears at a time when the moon orbits closest to the earth.  The nearness makes the moon look bigger and brighter.  This summer the supermoon will appear several times

Newborn Portrait Session with Four Generations

I have known this mom for a long time.  She could probably tell you stories about my crazy teaching style as she once was a student in my high school chemistry class.  I am so proud to know her and to be able to see the strong Christian mom she

For the Love of Tennis

Senior sessions are all about you!  My goal is to capture your personality;  the serious side, the fun side, the sweet side as well as your interests and hobbies.  This senior loves tennis so of course we had to include images on the court.  This is just one part of

The Sports Splash Shot

Last fall,  I shared the following picture of my son kicking a wet soccer ball with a dark background.  We set it up one night just to see if it could be done.  Little did I know it would get me the “Cool Mom” award from my son! Of course

Love is in the Air

Our families have known each other for many years, so being asked to photograph Elizabeth’s wedding is a great honor.  We have had lots of fun talking about her plans and taking engagement and bridal portraits.  I can’t show the bridals, but here are a few of the wonderful engagement

Outdoor Portrait on Black

Recently I noticed a post by Digital Photography School in my newsfeed explaining how you can created a low key portrait on a black background while outside in daylight.  I didn’t believe it was possible, so I had to try it myself.  Below are the results.  It’s not a perfect

Rose Hill Bride

Today as Kelli and Drew begin their new life together as husband and wife, I can FINALLY share these gorgeous bridals taken at Rose Hill Plantation in Nashville, NC.  Kelli is truly a spectacular bride with a sweet sense.  Congratulations and best of luck in your marriage! Click Here to

Sensational Senior

She spent most of this year on my side of the camera helping to carry gear and make sure the lighting was just right for many families and seniors.  Now it’s her turn to be the star and she does it with pizazz!  Stephanie is a sweet, beautiful girl and

See the Difference: Auto vs. Manual Mode

As I have worked on my photography skills over time, and upgraded my equipment, I get many compliments and well meaning comments about my gear.  One that always makes me chuckle is the question, “What kind of camera do you have? It takes great pictures.”  While I take it as

Class Auction Photo Projects

Thanks to Pinterest, a little creativity, supportive teachers, and awesome kids, we were able to create these auction items for our school this year. For the project above, each student gave me his/her favorite Bible verse.  We took individual photos with bright card stock and Photoshopped the rest. For this