Customize Your Senior Session

You are not boring.  Why should your senior portrait session be boring?  Zach came to the session with definite ideas of what he wanted and we worked together to create images that show his personality.  He hunts, he’s at home on the baseball diamond, he loves his truck, and he

Respect & Honor

Recently, my mom and I took my 12 year old and 9 year old sons to a Casting Crowns concert in Raleigh, NC.  The opening band for the Thrive tour is For King and Country.  Their exciting stage show and multitude of drums really caught the attention of my youngest

Welcome to the Studio

For the past couple of years, I have been using our bonus room as a photography studio.  My youngest son lovingly told people “My mom pretends to be a photographer in my playroom.”  It really did feel that way with all the toys crowding the space, but I couldn’t bring

Two Little Blessings

Twice the joy, twice the love, twice the blessings from up above. It truly was a double blessing to meet, cuddle and photograph these twin boys.  At nine days old, they already know how to charm and they have distinctively different personalities.  I can just imagine them growing up together

Snow Birds

My last post was about a rare snow we got here in NC.  As expected, we were back in the 60’s within a week, but then we got round two!  This time it was 5.5 inches and temps at 3 degrees!  I am not a wildlife photographer, but these birds

A Snow Day in the South

One of my favorite things about living in North Carolina is the weather.  We get to experience every season without extremes.  Winter can be cold for a few days and then we have mild temperatures again.  A dusting of snow can send us southerners running to the grocery store for

She Melts My Heart

She’s like a sleeping doll baby when she needs to be when it is time for a picture with her mommy, she smiled!  Sessions like this melt my heart!   Below are the sources for the baby’s accessories. Lace leggings –  Heartstring Things Pearl Bracelet – Kaylee Marie Boutique Lace &

Best of 2013 Photo Contest

It’s time for the annual Best of 2013 from KJ Bradley Photography photo contest!  The 12 images below have been nominated to compete.  The grand prize is a 16 x 20 wrapped canvas or $100 off a 2014 session.   Second and third place will also receive smaller prizes.  You

52 Week Photo Challenge

I often get the question, how can take better pictures?  Of course, the obvious choices are classes, workshops, countless hours of reading blogs like this, etc.  But the number one way to take better pictures, is to take more pictures and take them often and with intention.  If you want

A Guide to Crop Ratios and Photo Print Sizing

Why are my feet cut off in my print?  Why does this look more close up than the original?  Why is my 11×14 different from my 8×10? Remember the algebra you said you would never use?  Well, it’s back!.   When you print a photo, the part of your image