Daddy’s Boy, Mama’s Joy

So have I mentioned how much I love my newborns?   They can be the most challenging and rewarding sessions of all.   After giving this sweetie’s new parents all the warnings about how most babies decide their photo session is the time to wake up,  this little guy slept “like a

Rest-A-Bit Sweetheart

I have taken pictures for this sweet girl’s family out on the Rest-A-Bit Farm, but this session was just for her.  As you can see, she rocked it!

Clickin’ Chicks of Parkwood

Girls need girl time.  There is something cathartic about being around other women with similar interests and passions.  That is why the women of Parkwood Baptist Church created Girlfriends.  Girlfriends are small groups of women with common interests.  The Clickin’ Chicks group includes women who love taking pictures and have

Can You Make A Silly Face?

This sweet five year old and her gorgeous mom had a silly fun time at our photo session and you can see it in their smiles.  I learned all kinds of thing about the little princess’s friends and hobbies.  I know she is a princess because she made it through

Three Generations of Fire Service

When I was  a little girl, I can remember hearing the rotary dial telephone’s shrill ring interrupt dinner at my grandparent’s home.  It was a different kind of ring from a regular call.  It was a very persistent ring.  My grandfather or uncle would rise to answer and everyone would

Tri County Horse Club Horse Show

I love to photograph people and their horses and have enjoyed doing so at the private homes and barns of many clients.   Horse lovers already know that each animal has its own personality which makes photographing them like adding another family member to the session.  Being married into a

The Sweetness of Newborn Sessions

Newborn sessions are some of the most challenging and rewarding portrait sessions.  Many times I get to share the first few days of a baby’s life with his new family.  I get to experience the sweetness of the bond between a first-time mother and her baby and the tenderness of


It is always a pleasure to help families capture moments in time, but this session was special because it spanned 3 generations.  You couldn’t help but feel the love this family has for each other.  My goal was to capture both formal poses and informal poses that show the connections.

Meet the Photographer

Hi!  Many of you follow my blog and facebook page but have not met me so I decided to take a moment to introduce myself.  Here are a dozen useless facts about me:   I will save up Weight Watchers points for a week to be able to eat my

The Dancers

She said she wanted dance pictures.   She said she didn’t want the run of the mill portraits that the studio offered.  She said she wanted to capture her girls’ personalities instead of just their technical moves and costumes.  That was when I finally caved and agreed to step out