Nicole ~ Class of 2013

I was blessed to be able to work with Nicole, a gorgeous senior from the Class of 2013.  She makes my job seem so easy!  Here are a few of the shots we got from her recent session.  I can’t decide if I love the closeups of with her beautiful

Smile, Baby!

Like most photographers, I have a bag of tricks to help bring out your personality at photo sessions.  But 3 month old babies were a challenge until I learned this neat trick from Karen Rubin at the PPNC convention.  At 3 months old, babies don’t have full vision development but they see

Horsin’ Around ~ Equestrian Photography

How many kids ask for a pony for Christmas at least once?  I know I did.  I never received one… apparently they are too large for Santa’s sleigh.  Luckily a neighbor had a stable full and she was willing to let me ride often.  After going off to college, I

I Hope You Dance

Have you ever heard the song “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womak?  When I was pregnant with my first child, I sang it to him every night.  I think it perfectly conveys a mother’s wish for her children… a wish for a happy, healthy life full of love.

Just Two Pictures

When Brittany and Jason decided to have a formal wedding, they purposefully chose to keep it small.  This down to earth couple understands the meaning of the day.  It’s not about attendants, long dresses with a cathedral length trains, or singers.  It is about a guy and a girl in

PPNC … It’s Personal

When something amazing happens, you have to tell someone.  I just had a amazing experience at the Professional Photographers of North Carolina (PPNC) 2013 convention.  My brain is on overload from the classes, practice opportunities, hallway and meal conversations, and amazing people!  I’ll admit, I was hesitant to join PPNC.

What is a “Second Shooter?”

If you have been around photographers and weddings, you might have heard the term “second shooter.”  It may sound like some kind of sniper in an action movie, but fear not, it is simply someone who assists the primary photographer with the wedding.  Second shooters can be hired to cover

Shooting in the Sun – I CAN Be Done!

The number one question I get asked online and in photography workshops is “How can I take better pictures in the sun?”  The answer… reschedule those baseball games and family reunions to early morning or late afternoon so you can get softer light.  Just kidding. 🙂 When you have a

Touching Moments

Newborns are precious, all the time.  But sometimes the most precious moments come from the family interactions during a session.  Every mom remembers the raw emotions of having her first child, and it takes about 2 seconds for newborn baby girls to wrap their daddys around their tiny fingers.  I

Isn’t She Lovely

It was such a special day when this little princess came to vist the studio!  At 10 days old she was a cuddly sweetheart!  She was also very alert and awake!  She made me work for the sleepy pictures, but it was so worth it!  Don’t you think so?  Remember,