Photography with Friends on the Farm

A beautiful Saturday morning, a sweet model, and girlfriends with cameras out on the farm…. what more could a photographer and teacher wish for?

Helping others create better images is not part of my business plan, it is part of who I am.  Like photography, helping others to learn is a passion, a compulsion of sorts.  My parents were both educators and after insisting that I would never follow that path I completed both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education.  For the last 20 years, I have spent my career educating in the public schools and at a major university.   Teaching is my calling.  Most importantly, with photography, it allows me to pay back what many generous mentors have given to me.

Today, several ladies who have attended workshops with me gathered at the family farm to learn about lighting and location shooting.  Our adorable model gave us plenty of pretty picture opportunities.  We practiced using the manual settings on our cameras to achieve different looks for portraits and landscapes, and studied how light, lines, and perspective can change the image.  Practice makes perfect, and a morning on the farm is a great way to put together the skills from the books and classroom.  I can’t wait to see the images these girls will be producing in the future!

photography workshop on the Bradley farm

With a full schedule of photo sessions and family activities in the spring and fall, I am unable to offer regular, structured classes, but I am happy to help anyone who has a genuine interest in learning more about making better pictures.  Give me a call or send me a message if you need help or if you just want to hang out and practice.  Pictures become our stories when our memories fade so take time to learn how to make them awesome!

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