Smile, Baby!

Like most photographers, I have a bag of tricks to help bring out your personality at photo sessions.  But 3 month old babies were a challenge until I learned this neat trick from Karen Rubin at the PPNC convention.  At 3 months old, babies don’t have full vision development but they see contrasting patterns like black and white well.  A black and white lens wrap does the trick!  Karen uses foam core, but I decided to try a paper plate and it worked great!

DIY Lens buddy

First, trace the large end of your lens without any hood attached in the center of your plate.  I use a 50mm f/1.4 lens for baby portraits.




Next, cut a hole using your tracing.  Use a black marker to create a pattern on the bottom of the plate.  Then attach the plate to your lens.  Be sure that you do not impede the focus ring or controls.

3 month baby girl


As you can see from this precious three month old girl, it works!

See Karen Rubin’s work at

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