A Snow Day in the South

One of my favorite things about living in North Carolina is the weather.  We get to experience every season without extremes.  Winter can be cold for a few days and then we have mild temperatures again.  A dusting of snow can send us southerners running to the grocery store for bread and milk (or in my case toilet paper and chocolate).  An inch can shut down schools and government services.  So imagine the joy we feel when we get a BIG snow!  Last night we got THREE whole inches!  My two boys were beside themselves and animals were brought inside for safety.  Enjoy a little of our winter wonderland.  Tomorrow it will be back to normal and by the weekend we’ll probably be back into the 60’s.

snow_day_nc_kj_bradley_photography (1)

My view

snow_day_nc_kj_bradley_photography (4)

 Our mini Australian Shepherd puppy loved his first snow.

snow_day_nc_kj_bradley_photography (5)

The lambs are hearty!  They can stand the cold.  No livestock in the house!  LOL

snow_day_nc_kj_bradley_photography (1)

Loving the snow cream!  Easy recipe:  1 gallon snow, 2 cups milk, 1 tablespoon vanilla, 1 cup sugar



Another view of our back yard.  A snowy wonderland!snow_day_nc_kj_bradley_photography (7)

All of our boys love to sled!

snow_day_nc_kj_bradley_photography (10)

Still hanging on well into the afternoon… The temperatures didn’t rise above freezing and tonight will be brutally cold.
snow_day_nc_kj_bradley_photography (3)

Our big Chesapeake Bay Retriever said to let you know he’s part of the family, too!  He’s made for this weather.

snow_day_nc_kj_bradley_photography (6)

Disclaimer:  We don’t have hills so this is how we sled.  It can be very dangerous.  Do not try this yourself.
snow_day_nc_kj_bradley_photography (8)

Thinking up a plan, I’m sure…

snow_day_nc_kj_bradley_photography (9)

This one is our daredevil!


Our little slice of Heaven… ATV trails in the snow


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