So How Long Have you Been Taking Pictures?

This is a question I get a lot.  I think what most people really want to know is “how long have you considered yourself a professional photographer?”  Let me start by saying that one definition of professional is “a person who is paid for talent, skills, or knowledge.”   Another definition is “an expert in a specific field.”  By one standard I would say I have been doing this for about 3 years.  By the other standard my answer is I hope to get there in 30 years or so!


I sold my first photograph in June of 2009.  The sale was of a picture I took of an old wooden rocker on our vacation cottage beach porch.  I took the picture to send to a relative that couldn’t make the trip with the caption “waiting for you.”  It was taken with a simple point and shoot camera (one I didn’t mind using in the sand).  It is by no means “expert” quality, but it is the most popular print I have sold.  It has been purchased mutiple times to clients around the world!  Pretty flattering for a little NC girl with a beach camera 🙂  So what makes it special?  I think people like it because it evokes a feeling. It makes me want to throw my cares away and live at the beach.  How about you?

beach rocking chair

Over the past few years, I have sold several fine art style photographs under another business name.  The collection of photos includes places and things like flowers, landscapes, baby hands, and the ferry below from Morris Marina in Atlantic, NC.  During that time, I also toyed with the idea of taking event pictures and portraits.  I even made watermarks and brochures, but decided timing was not right.

The Green Grass, ferry

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