The Dancers

Let’s face it.  I am a natural light portrait photographer.  I specialize in capturing people’s beauty, character and personality in photographs that will be special forever.  I understand aperture and shutter speed, but I don’t know too much about the technical aspects of pointe and hip hop dance.  Many photographers won’t admit they don’t know everything about all types of portraits, but for me, being honest about what I know, and don’t know, is part of doing business.  So when I was asked to take dance pictures for two sweet sisters, naturally I hesitated.  How do you pose dancers?  Do I capture their personalities or that of the dances?  I probably even tried to decline once or twice but my gracious client would not take no for an answer.  So I decided to strike a balance by trying to capture it all!  Here is a first look at these gorgeous dancers.  In addition to these shots taken to show off their skills and outfits, I took quite a few that show off their lovely eyes and personalities.  More of those will be posted on facebook page. 🙂  I sure hope they like them!

Dance Portraits

And yes, those are her real shoes… with a little special effect added.

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