The Sweetness of Newborn Sessions

Newborn sessions are some of the most challenging and rewarding portrait sessions.  Many times I get to share the first few days of a baby’s life with his new family.  I get to experience the sweetness of the bond between a first-time mother and her baby and the tenderness of family.  But these sessions take lots of preparation and patience, too.  Newborn sessions can take 2-4 hours.  I know that sounds crazy, but it is absolutely normal for a session to take several hours.  Most of the time is spent cuddling, feeding, soothing, swaddling, swooshing, and cuddling some more.  In between all of that, we wait for the baby to fall into a sound sleep and take as many pictures as possible during that time.  Sessions can include props like bowls, baskets, furs, hats, and/or bows or they can be simple.  Some parents prefer to keep the babies covered while others want to capture the tender naked baby as he entered the world.

Newborn in Parents' Safe Hands

Each session is customized to the family.  I do travel to homes but to insure the best lighting, I prefer sessions in my in-home studio.  I use a 4×6 Larson softbox and a simple reflector for most sessions.  Warm babies are usually sleepy babies so we keep a portable heater on hand (Hint: wear light clothing).

Newborn session lighting setup

The best time to schedule your session is a few months before your due date.  I will pencil you in for a session about a week after your due date and fully expect to change it when the baby comes early or late.    After the session, parents can select their favorite images for a CD, video, prints, canvas, birth announcements, or special gift such as photo jewelry.

Photo NecklaceDon’t miss your once in a lifetime opportunity to capture this special time in your new baby’s life.  See the results of sweet Payton’s session in this short video



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