Thursday Tout! ~ Artful Expressions

Michelle Silveri has had a paint brush in her hand since she was a child.  Maybe that is why she is so talented at helping others have fun with art.  About eight years ago, she turned her artistic passion into a business, Artful Expressions.  Last year, at the request of friends, she started helping others create fun canvases and cutouts to decorate their homes.  Artful Expressions specializes in “fun art, not fine art.”

I recently attended a couple of parties and painted canvases for my boys for their birthdays.  You can see my four wheeler in the photo below.  Let me just tell you, if Michelle can help ME create THAT, she can do it for ANYONE!  Artful Expressions hosts both private and open parties in which guests can paint canvases or plywood cutouts like pros!  To participate, you simply need to call Michelle at 252-883-5082 or sign up for a party on her facebook page (ArtfulExpressions).  Then you pick out the painting that you want to create from the many designs she offers.  If you don’t see exactly what you want, make a request!  Michelle sketches out the art before you arrive.  Then you pick your colors and, with guidance, create your masterpiece!  It is a great way to enjoy time with friends or meet new friends, too!  Thanks for the wonderful art and fellowship!  My boys love their paintings!


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