Tri County Horse Club Horse Show

I love to photograph people and their horses and have enjoyed doing so at the private homes and barns of many clients.   Horse lovers already know that each animal has its own personality which makes photographing them like adding another family member to the session.  Being married into a 4-H family has also helped me to respect the hard work and dedication these club members put forward for special projects.  I guess that may be why the Nash County Exchange 4-H Club asked me to help with their Tri County Horse Club show this year.  It was a blessing to be around so many wonderful riders and families and the graceful and powerful horses they showed.  I have to admit, my need to control my images (lighting, background, ears, etc.) made photography in the show ring a challenge, but I was able to capture some wonderful photos and memories.  Images were uploaded on site and sold at the show with all proceeds going to the 4-H club.  Due to many requests, I have also uploaded the images from the show for viewing and purchase.  Click here to find your image (  You will notice that all the pictures from the show are in one single gallery, but there are separate collections from the show classes that were photographed.  Those categories can be found under the primary gallery at the top of the page.  Please enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.  Please share this with others who may not have seen the announcement on facebook.


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